I’m retiring this summer!

I’ll be retiring this summer and closing down saltyjohn.com after fifteen years.

As the Metz Communications distributor in UK and Europe we’ve sold thousands of the excellent Metz Manta VHF antenna in that time. A truly great product.

I don’t know who will take over the Metz agency, or what their pricing policy might be, that’s under discussion right now.

We have about forty antennas left in stock and I’ve dropped the price to £49.95 including UK delivery. Delivery to Europe is £19.50. We also have a few cable kits, mounts and other accessories available on the website and some Optolamps, heavily discounted.

So, if you lust after a Metz VHF antenna, now would be a good time to visit saltyjohn.com

I’ll take this opportunity to say “thank you” to our many customers around UK, Europe and the rest of the world for making the last fifteen years such a pleasure. It’s been a fun ride. Not once did I feel the urge to go and get a proper job!

I’ll be keeping this blog going for the foreseeable future.

Fair Winds!