Easy-fit cable kits

Some people just don’t do soldering. If you’ve never soldered, don’t own a soldering iron and don’t want to learn a skill you might use twice in your life then soldering PL259 connectors is not for you.

When Salty John supplies an RG58 coaxial cable kit, it comes with a PL259 fitted at one end and another supplied loose for fitting by the boat owner once the cable has been run to its destination. This is the standard screw-in earth, solder, PL259.

But now, to make things much simpler for the non-soldering sailor, they’ve introduced the Easy-fit PL259. Just screw it onto the end fitting once you’ve run the cable. The Easy-fit cable kit has one fitted and soldered PL259, but the other end terminates in a small-diameter threaded connector onto which you screw the supplied threaded PL259. Couldn’t be simpler.

The main drawback is that you can’t shorten the cable without losing the threaded end, obviously, so you’ll need to coil any excess cable and secure it out of the way. Another slight disadvantage is that the tip of the cable is slightly wider (8mm) than the bare cable and is rigid for the end couple of centimetres – really tight radius corners are out. But for ease of installation you can’t beat the Easy-fit cable kits from: saltyjohn.com

Easy-fit cable kit RG58 10m