Metz VHF antenna – a thing of beauty.

The superb Metz Manta VHF antenna is a thing of beauty and durability. It also gives exceptional performance. What makes it so special is the precision-wound, heavy-duty coil housed within that stainless-steel can, and the way the coil is properly supported so it doesn’t distort when heat builds during transmission. The coil is sealed with epoxy and has a lifetime warranty. The 34” whip is stainless-steel, of course.

The Metz Manta is used by the US Coastguard, UK lowland Search and Rescue organisations, many charter fleets, several boat manufacturers, and the round-the-world Clipper fleet. And by many, many thousands of individuals – it’s been in continuous manufacture since 1977.

The Metz comes with a stainless L-bracket. Other mounting options include the Metz quick release rail mount and there’s an adapter available so it can be mounted on any 1”, 14 tpi, threaded mount.

Put the Metz Manta together with marine quality coaxial cable of the correct size, use top class connectors and your antenna system will extract the maximum performance from your VHF radio and AIS system.

Get your Metz antenna and accessories from, the UK and European distributors.