Cableport – a safe, waterproof deck entry for mast cables.

There are several ways to get the cables from your deck stepped mast into the boat without allowing water in with them.

Deck plugs are inclined to corrode and fail unless meticulously maintained. Typ12vat9909
Deck glands are a better choice because any joint is made below decks.
Both deck glands and deck plugs are vulnerable to being stepped on by crew working the busy area around the foot of the mast. If you use them, buy metal not plastic versions.
A swan neck is a popular choice on bigger boats but they can snag sheets and halyards if you’re not careful.
An excellent option is the Swedish designed Cableport.

The Cableport is a polished stainless steel entry port that takes electrical and 147communication cables through the deck via a 49mm shrouded opening.

Cableport can take 6 cables up to Ø12mm, or more of smaller diameter. It can accommodate connectors up to Ø 45mm. (A typical PL259 radio connector is Ø 20mm)

It can be easily opened to remove cables and connectors when the mast is unstepped or when wiring changes are made. (No silicone or other sealant is required after initial installation).

Cableport does not catch rigging and lines and can be stepped on without damage.220

It measures a compact 160mm x 100mm x 45mm.

The Cableport is available from Salty John – there’s a link over there on the right.
American customers can buy in UK pounds and there will be no additional shipping charge to anywhere in USA or Canada.